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iPodWizard v1.2
03-25-2006, 10:42 AM
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iPodWizard v1.2
Here it is!
v1.2 is right here Smile
The alpha version posted here is better off not used and use this one.
Report please all your comments and enlightments.
Download from HERE .
File services provided by SourceForge.

* New 5G font support (a bit different then regular one and not totally perfect yet).
* Theme file fixes and format.
* Auto associate .iPW theme files with iPodWizard and when opened, auto open iPodWizard and load them.
* New string language blocks which allows editing all languages and strings appearing on the iPod with ability to extend or shorten the strings.
* Regular font fixes.
* Added IDs in pictures for accurance.
* iPod firmware on the fly editing support. This will solve the problem for iPodLinux/Rockbox users who wants to mod their Apple firmware too. Also you can backup themes currently on your iPod. This editing is done without updating with an updater.
* Fixed many small bugs.

New stylish and improve UI design.
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