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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
12-29-2005, 10:19 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
This guide concerns how to fix the iPod, handheld computer, or other small electronic device that has fallen in the bath, left out in the rain, gone in the hottub, dipped in the chloroform, gone through the wash, or accidently gone skinny dipping with you.
Different types of Water Damage
  • left out in the rain, front up - Suprisingly not too bad, fixable
  • left out in the rain, back up - Even better, fixable
  • gone swimming with it - not too bad, possibility of repair
  • in the hot tub - possibility of repair
  • gone through the wash - relatively unlikely to function again
  • chloroform - highly unlikely

So your iPod has encountered some H2O. Generally, no permadent damage is done! The iPod 's charge will have dissapated, and hopefully the hard drive's seal will be intact. In terms of flash based devices (shuffles) my experiences show that some component is very sensative to water. So, overall, the less water the better, and its possible that we can fix it!
So whats probably happened is this: the battery shorted out because the water completed a circut. If the screen and/or hard drive was breached there may be some hope.
What needs to happen is this: all the liquid needs to be gone before the iPod is turned on. Should any current be exposed then some irrepairable damage may occur.

So to dry it out you can do several things
Best idea : leave the ipod face down on the dashboard of a car in the sunlight during the summer. Lot of specifics, but that will create enough heat to dry it, hopefully not get it stolen, and not damage any of the components. Make sure the device has the screen facing downwards, as bright light may damage it, water present or not.
Other methods:
Use shop lights to heat up the device, face down once again. Don't leave the lights on for more than 5 minutes at a time, so that the device does not overheat and damage a component. Depending on the power of the light, this time may vary. If the thing is too hot to touch, its too hot! :tongue:
Use a warming light (some ovens have them). Same idea, face down, not too long at a time.
Methods not to use:
DONT put it in the oven. Bad idea, easy to mess up, *tug on shirt collar*
How to know when its dry
It takes longer than you think. Moral of the story:
Better safe than sorry :tongue:
Its going to take upwards of 12 hrs. Its very difficult to tell when the thing is actually dry, and its painstakingly slow. Think about how little vapour can pass through the miniscule spaces in the casing, and how tightly packed everything is in there. So be patient, and make sure that you can't hear any water if u shake it. You could even weight it and compare it to Apple's spec sheets.
Ear Phones
In terms of the telltale white buds, clicking and other defects are very common after water damage. The drying idea is the same, but almost always there are serious aliments. So best idea: ask Apple for a new pair or purchase some, the honest way.
So overall, you can never be to careful. It's a pretty important thing, so don't rush and screw up something that's repairable. I myself have managed to repair a Zire 72 after being thrown into a pool with it, a 2nd gen iPod Mini left out in the rain face up, but not a shuffle that went through the wash. Share your experiences and what worked for you!
Good luck!
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06-09-2007, 10:38 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
It's a miracle! Nobody is going to believe this. my 30G went through a front loading commercial washer- full cycle. Nothing i could do but watch it bounce around for 40 mins. I made the assumption it was dead. You could hear and see the water in it even after 2 days had passed. everything i read on the net was doom and gloom. So I resolved to steal my daughters nano until the i-phones came

2 weeks later I plugged it in for fun, and it worked! i swear i can't find anything wrong with it.


You should know that I had it off and locked when it got thrown in though. I think that saved it.
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06-10-2007, 12:25 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
Lol. They should sticky this. Didn;t help me, but will most definately help others.
This reminds me of when my GBA game Golden Sun got thrown in the wash, and I revived it by pulling it out when it was on in my GBA. =P
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06-10-2007, 08:14 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
i was walking to my friends house then it started to hail in April (lol) i had to sprint a half of a mile and when i got their my ipod was dead also i realized i had pockets and didnt have to keep in its case were it got water trapped.

my ipod started working again a month later but whenever i tried to turn the sound up past 75% it starts to get scratchy

do you know why and if you do can you help
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01-29-2008, 10:19 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
hey airforce1 the problem with ur ipod may be that water got into or damaged the clickwheel and is somhow affecting ur volume controls. is their any other problems with ur clickwheel or ipod?
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05-08-2008, 06:45 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
i reeeeeally hope this one works. i was out jogging today and it started pouring. i had a rain coat on because it was already clouding up so i thought i was safe. my podcast was playing fine through the whole storm but when i got home, the pocket i had my ipod in had a little water in it. i thought it was fine because it seemed to be functioning ok. then the screen started going fuzzy and then blank... i took it apart and tried to sop up the little water that was in it. now there's fog in the screen. i'm going to let it sit for a while (until i can find a screw driver small enough to open the screen).
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05-08-2008, 06:48 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
yep i tell everyone this when there phone ipod etc fall in my pool Big Grin
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05-09-2008, 03:25 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
good tip! i have it lying face down right now and surprisingly the fog is starting to go away. i'm gonig to let it sit for another day and suffer with my old non video ipod lol (which doesn't hold charge longer than an hour...). i hope it works with my car adapter...
Added information:
well just thought you'd like to know IT WORKED!!!!! i opened it up, got out the excess moisture and let it dry over night. when i got home from work in the morning i plugged it in and WHAM! instant sync Smile. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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06-08-2008, 02:39 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
i left my ipod out in a thunderstorm face up and after remembering i ran outside grabbed it, dried it off ad desperately tried to turn it on. i left it for a while thinking the water would just evaporate but since i tried to turn it on, is it still possible to be fixed?
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07-13-2008, 10:37 PM
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Guide: How to Fix Water Damage
if you're like me and your car dashboard is inaccessible and you aren't quite sure about sitting your precious ipod under a heat lamp


i have placed my friends ipod (previously left in her car with her sunroof open during a storm) leaning up in front of my laptop's fan. Place slightly in reach of feeling the heat with your hand so its safe to place and walk away. If your looking for a quicker solution place your pod a couple inches away [ leave about 2-3 inches depending on the heat given off by your laptop; it can get too hot if your not careful :flame: ]. again like said above, leave the back facing the heat source and hope for the best.

So that's just a thought...
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