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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
03-18-2008, 11:20 PM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
[Image: mockupfinal.jpg]

Please Digg This Hack:

Well, it has been an exciting past few months. I decided to finally check out Showtime, and fell in love with it. I’ve cancelled all my other hacks, and will only use Showtime forever and ever and…oh…hey Heymbit…

What’s up?

Nothing, just going to play with my Zune.

Weird man…
Anyways, we’re all here today, because…IT’S TIME! It’s time to talk about 3 big things that are happening tonight.

Last December, I finally cracked and just had to have a dock on my iPod. I’ve wanted it ever since I had my iPod, and I just couldn’t go on without having one. So I started It’s Time, which back then was known as You’ve Come To The Right Platform. As the months went on, I was stuck. Then Vettefan released his Cross Bar hack, and I was ecstatic. More people were interested in a Mac OSX hack, and a team was born, an iTeam.

With the combined work of Bounci Rabbit, Shagav, Budmarv2, failsafeisntsafe, h3x, and I, we present to you It’s Time Version 1.0

While this hack started as a simple classic theme with main menu dock, it has grown into much more, mainly 4 parts.

The main menu on this hack has an amazing dock, amazing background, and great dock icons. It is easy to navigate through them, and even easier for theme makers to make their own dock icons, switch out just one or two, or totally redraw up the dock while keeping everything else intact.

Our new mini-now playing screen includes a functioning Analog Clock, and that’s not all it can do. With the method of putting the clock on the mini-now playing, you can put almost anything. For fun, we put a section of the Legal screen under the album art.

Another noticeable change is the Now Playing screen. We decided that because this started as a Mac OSX Hack, the Now Playing screen should reflect that. For those of you who don’t know, all Macs come with a program called Front Row. This program loads your entire iTunes library, movie rentals, trailers from, and more. We decided that the It’s Time Now Playing screen should look as close to the Front Row Now Playing screen as possible.

As said earlier, It’s Time has grown extensively in its development. In a way, it’s not even a Mac OSX hack anymore. While the firmware comes with an OSX Leopard theme, a Windows XP and Ubuntu theme are near ready. Note, unfortunately, Shagav couldn’t finish his Leopard theme before he went MIA. We don’t know what’s up with him, but failsafeisntsafe provided us with images that needed work, which include the progress bar, volume pics, shuffle, repeat/ and play/pause icon. We thank him for helping us out in our time of need.

What we love the most about this hack, however, is that because .psd files are available for submenus and main menus, making themes for this hack is incredibly easy. We can’t wait to see people port their themes to It’s Time, and we also can’t wait to see make new themes with It’s Time in mind.

It’s Time is not the only thing we plan on talking about tonight. A friend of mine, Beans3O7, has also jumped into the iPod hacking world with his own hack being released today. Known as Panel, this hack is breathtaking. It’s got an incredible UI, and quite possible the most amazing hack out there that doesn’t have a dock. We recommend that everyone check out Panel as well as It’s Time. Check It Out:

Hacks are nice, and they’re mostly what this night is about. However, Tri Is The Word, and as such there needs to be a third thing.

The team I worked with on It’s Time is great. We worked well together, produced a hack, but we’re moving onto other hacks, and as such we have different things we want to do. This is the end of the iTeam for now, however it’s also the start of a new team.

Beans3O7, Kris 1.2.3, Zoa, and I have formed a new team called Camana. Our aim is to produce many incredible hacks and themes, all quickly. We want to show that you can have something of good quality produced fast and for free. We also will not be releasing our hacks at iPW first. While our hacks will be posted here, and at a new site called AppleHackz, our team will put first releases on our new home. is a new site that Camana calls home. There, ALL our hacks will have first releases. What this means is that if a hack is released there on a Wednesday, it’ll most likely find its way here on the Friday after. Now, we love, however this site is not our home. The site that is our home is like a family to us. We want to give our stuff to our family first.
Well, that’s all for tonight. Three great announcements: It’s Time, Panel, and Camana.

Oh, one more thing. If you head over to right now, you’ll notice it’s not up. They’re working on making it a great site. Bookmark the main page, when it’s up, register, and participate in the first Camana competition. Note, Nano only apply.

For those interested in It’s Time, here are the instructions.

Before Installation!
Set your main menu to have these:
Music, Photos, Videos, Extras, Settings, Shuffle Songs, Backlight, Sleep, and Now Playing
Go to Extras -> Clock. Make sure there is a clock there (and I recommend it’s a clock that says your current time).

Once you’re there, go to:


For 5G installation, download the firmware and write to iPod.

For 5.5G Installation, download the resources. Also, you need a firmware with multiple background hack, like Hybrid 3.5 (recommended). Load a firmware with multiple background hack, then load all the scheme resources. Next, menu resources, font type resources. Go to the font tab, bitmap font index 16, load the font in the folder. Go to strings, lang 24, and load the string file. Finally, load all the images. Hit write to iPod, and enjoy.

5G users can do the same if they wish, but for 5G iPods the font index is #19, not 16.

Note! The 5.5G Firmware freezes whenever someone tries to open it in iPodWizard. If you think you can fix this problem, please email me at [email protected]

Sorry about the firmware freeze. We are looking into it, but decided not to make it delay the hack. We hope you’ve all had fun, and we also hope you check out Panel.

For Theme Makers! Go to for .psd files of the main menu and submenu, to make theme making easy.

Btw, here are the answers to the guess competition:

1. Mini-About Info - Possible, but not done as it was boring.
2. Mini-Legal Info - Possible, but not done as it was boring.
3. Analog Clock - That's what's there!
4. Upside Down Album Art - Not possible.
5. Mini-Progress Bar - Possible, but it had conflicts, bugs, and overall wasn't a good idea.
6. Mini-Video Player - Not Possible
7. Time Elapsed & Time Remaining - Possible, but it showed 0:00 and -0:00 when nothing was playing, so we decided not to use it.
8. Song # out of total # of songs in album/playlist - Possible, but it showed 0 of 0 when nothing was playing, so we decided not to use it.
9. Next Song & Previous Song - Not Possible
10. Composer, Album Year, & Genre Of Current Song - Not Possible
11. Return To Main Menu Link (Last Thing In List) - Not Possible
12. Go To Now Playing Link (Last Thing In List) - Not Possible
13. Screen Lock Combination - Not Possible
14. Nothing, But Will Have Something For Other Themes - Possible, but we decided that's dumb.
15. Nothing, But Will Be Filled In Version 2 - Possible, but we decided that's dumb.
16. Alarm Clock Icon If You Have An Alarm Set - Not Possible
17. Current Date - Possible, but we decided clock was cooler.
18. The Last PIcture You Saw In Photo Menu (Blank If No Photo Seen) - Not Possible
19. Remaining Battery Life In Minutes - Possible, but it had many bugs and didn't work right
20. Mini-Photo Slideshow (Blank If No Photos On Your iPod) - Not Possible
21. Mini-Lyrics - Possible, but it cut off too early and wasn't useful
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03-18-2008, 11:47 PM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
wow eh wtfs goin on here
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03-19-2008, 12:11 AM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
ive just lost a bunch of my posts is it because of this? sorry if i was spamming
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03-19-2008, 03:18 AM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
This Looks Pretty Good. It Wouldnt Be Like An Updated Showtime Would It?
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03-19-2008, 03:21 AM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
Heymbit Wrote:Oh. The last thread we made had a load of spam and fights. As result, every spam message, fight message, or something else off topic will earn a 24 hour delay PER post. Although if someone is intentionally spamming to delay the hack, that'll just be reported and not counted. NO MORE FIGHTS. This includes mentions of Showtime, supernatural, iPH, constant begging for a release date (which will be posted as soon as we have one).

dont mention showtime... sorry if this is considered spam btw
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03-19-2008, 06:18 AM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
ahhh so this is why i lost a few posts.. Big Grin anyways.. still waiting...
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03-19-2008, 12:01 PM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
are new features still being added and considered or are the team currently focused on bug fixing?
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03-19-2008, 12:06 PM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
iamanorange Wrote:are new features still being added and considered or are the team currently focused on bug fixing?

Updates such as what we're working on, like release date info, will be posted when we feel ready to post it.
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03-19-2008, 03:40 PM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
ohhh, i just really wanna get this hack on my ipod.. Smile any idea when there will be like a beta or a full release of this hack? im not trieing to rush it, it just a really cool hack.. Tongue
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03-19-2008, 03:46 PM
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[5G,5.5G/1.2.1] ~ It's Time
wow this should out do showtime by a mile
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